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Images and emotions are linked to each other in a very powerful manner. Some images can make us feel nostalgic, whereas some images have the power of making us think about the future. The convergence of brand logos and its design is escalating with time. Today’s consumer focuses more on the brand image of a company than ever before. The reason behind this is increasing consumerism and brand cautiousness among the people. Logos are very important to earn recognition by the target market and long-term loyalty from the customers. 

Hence it can be concluded that the logo plays an essential role in making a brand successful. Various psychological factors affect how a logo is perceived by the targeted customers. The first such factor is the colour of the logo. Colours play a vital role in communication by indirectly conveying messages to our unconscious mind. 

Choosing the correct colours is very useful in displaying the desired brand image. They reflect a brand’s tone of voice and personality, and affects how customers think about that particular brand. To understand how companies display their personality through colours, let us take an example of some successful companies. 

Red Bull uses a red colour in its logo to represent energy and passion. Hence it attracts people with an energetic personality. On the other hand, Walt Disney uses red to express a feeling of excitement and love. Disney has created a personality that is full of life and fun, and attracts people who have a positive and joyful perspective on life and who believe in magic.

Ford uses the blue colour in their logo to show that their products are strong and trustworthy, and that they care for their customers. Hence it attracts people who like to feel safe on the road. Ford’s brand image helps people to trust their car; they do not worry that their car will breakdown. Green colour is generally associated with nature. Subway uses this colour beautifully to represent fresh and healthy food. Thus, it attracts people who are health cautious and the ones who like to be close to nature. Nickelodeon attracts its target market with the colour orange, which expresses happiness, joy, and a friendly atmosphere. Hence it is very successful in attracting children full of happiness and ecstasy. 

However, a brand does not need to choose a single colour to represent their personality. Multiple colours also represent a very powerful personality. Google uses this power to represent its various channels and diverse database. It represents a personality of boldness and boundlessness. 

All these companies use the power of colour to express their personality to their target audience. They try to match their target audience’s personality with the personality of the firm’s brand image. If a company fails to match their personality to the personality of their target audience, they will not be able to attract customers, as the target audience will not feel a connection with the brand. They will not buy the product, as it will not fulfil their social and psychological need. 

All these examples depict how important it is to choose the correct colour to represent a particular type of personality. Choosing colours is a strategic process that helps a brand make its customers feel what a marketer wants them to feel. 

The second factor that affects the brand image of a company in the minds of customers is the shape of the logo. The shape of a logo makes a huge contribution in expressing the beliefs and intention of the marketer. It is a very powerful tool that expresses moods and helps to symbolise ideas. The human brain can store a shape quickly and for a longer duration of time. The helps the customers recognise brands faster. How different shapes were beautifully used by various successful brands to convey meanings can be better understood with the following examples. 

The Olympics used the shape of circles to convey a positive message. It used interconnected circles to depict strength and unity. NASA uses a circle to show that the entire planet contributes to the mission of space exploration. It gives a sense that all countries are united. Triangles usually convey a sense of power and energy. This shape is used by Delta to show speed. Squares are usually used to show professionalism and reliability. It gives a sense of security and strength. Microsoft uses a square to make customers feel secure about their data and to potray professionalism. With different colours, it also shows a huge variety of products. Lego uses a square shape to give parents a sense of security that the toys produced by the company are safe for the kids. It also uses red colour to add fun element to attract kids. This is how they smartly target both parents and kids with the same logo. 

Lines give a sense of sophistication. Vertical lines help a marketer to get the attention of the customers towards the brand name. The also express the idea of motion and speed. The logo of SoundCloud uses vertical lines to emphasize the word sound. This shows that their strength is good sound quality. It also uses a cloud shape to depict creativity. On the other hand, horizontal lines are known to display calm and reliability. The IBM logo uses horizontal lines to make their customers feel that the company provides reliable solutions and products.