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Online course selection.
Online course selection

Education and Online course Industry is one of the fastest developing sector worldwide, generating employment and large scale revenues.

 Education-based apps have entirely changed the way students learn these days. Instead of following a traditional approach towards learning, advanced tech-based apps and platforms have made it more practical and easy to learn anything at your own pace at your convenience.

In this article, I will take you to the journey of your online course selection i.e. How to find the right course for yourself.

These new platforms have arisen the need to create a new skill force that is fully equipped to cater to the needs of the businesses.

As a result, people have realized the importance of upskilling themselves throughout their life so that they don’t lose out on opportunities and exposure.

The interaction of knowledge and skills with experience is key to learning

– John Dewey.

The above statement is rightly said. It emphasizes the fact that knowledge alone is not sufficient in skill development. It is the experience, never-ending efforts, and commitment that play a crucial role in overall development. This is how skills are developed.

Post covid, the demand for online short-term and long-term courses have surged brilliantly. Thanks to low-cost internet and affordable technology, Anyone can get access to resources which he/she requires and make use of the same effectively and efficiently.

With so many courses, people often become confused and short-sighted as to which course to go for?

There are several domains-industries and mentors available online. Every individual has their unique approach to teaching a particular skill. With so much information available online in a different direction, people often fail to decide what is right for them. They consume so much free content online from many trainers that it often becomes difficult to learn, and as a result, they develop a negative perception about the skill.

Some players have been running businesses and training mentors even for more than 20 years or 2 years. So that’s for sure, the approach, the experience will be different in terms of mentoring. It is not the only experience that comes into the picture. The teaching methodology is also crucial in overall learning.

People even end up buying courses on discount which they never access and as a result, they do not get benefitted from the same and often call them expensive and useless as an excuse.

It is not only the interest that may act as a hurdle to learning but certain other factors which I’ll be discussing so that it provides you a complete picture. W

Course selection: Which course to select and how to plan out in completing the same effectively.

Guide to course selection.
Guide to course selection.

1)Understand Why aspect

Take some time, Introspect and ask yourself why exactly you want to learn a particular skill. There may be a number of reasons which can vary from individual to individual. If you are thoroughly convinced and evaluated all the positives and negatives in detail, you may make a better decision for yourself. Design a roadmap for one month or a quarter and accordingly channelize your time and energy in that direction.

2)Go Niche:

There may be a number of opportunities available in a number of industries such as healthcare, management, fitness, manufacturing, and so on. Humans have never-ending wishes and want to do Everything in a short span of life, but that’s not the practical scenario.

Every industry requires a different version of you, and there is no point in putting yourself in a position where you can’t evaluate what you are doing exactly.

It is essential to go step by step and to put all the efforts in the right direction at the right place at the right time instead of putting them everywhere. This is how productive results can be achieved.

3)Stay consistent and avoid multi-tasking:

Once you have decided to opt for a course, It is crucial to plan Everything in advance about the schedule and staying consistent. If you have committed to allocating specific hours in a particular task, it is necessary to administer and block that particular course’s particular schedule.

Eventually, Consistency will lead to productive results. Avoid multi-tasking as it leads to less or no productivity at all.  This is how time has to be channelized in an optimum manner.

4)Set Deadlines:

Stop procrastinating and set deadlines for a specific task. If you have decided to finish a particular task in a week or so, then it is your job to complete the task within that specified time allocated. This principle is universal in life. Be committed towards your goals and stop not till the time you have achieved that goal. This is why It is crucial to set deadlines. This will make you more disciplined and realistic towards practical life.

Deadlines aren’t bad. They help you organize your time. They may help you set priorities. They make you get going when you might not feel like it.

– Harvey Mackay

5) Research about the course and mentor:

Once you have finalized the course, Research more on the content and trainers/ mentors who have pioneered themselves and mastered that skill. Research about the methodology they use, community access, growth opportunities, feedbacks from previous students, testimonials, potential 5 or 10 years down the line, etc. This will help you explore the hidden opportunities in terms of opportunities and skill development.  On this journey, You will find the right mentor for you—the one you can follow towards career development.

Make sure that your mentor has implemented practically all the skills that he or she teaches you. Use their strategies and approach in upskilling yourself in that particular skill.

6)Take Trial/ Demo classes.

This is the stage where you take a demo of the environment you will dive into. This may be in the form of a webinar, live interaction, skill test, Free sessions. This will help you get a clear picture of the methodology, resources, and overall learning environment. If you find yourself comfortable in learning and, at the same time, you are confident about the course and mentor, then you can get yourself enrolled for the same.

Follow one mentor at a time. The approach, content, teaching methodology varies from individual to individual. Do not overburden yourself with loads of information, and go at your own pace.

7) Networking:

Networking and active participation in communities, doubt forums are vital to cementing the learning wholeheartedly. There may be specific Facebook groups, chat platforms such as WhatsApp or telegram where you can interact with like-minded people and discuss with beginners and experienced students in the community itself. You may be able to teach someone or become a student of a trained professional.  This support network is enormous in terms of learning, experience, opportunities and helps break all barriers. If utilized effectively, this network can go a long way in overall growth and creates a win-win situation for everyone.

8) Implementation:

A plan with no implementation is of no use. Execution is more important than the plan itself. Whatever you may think of doing, it has to be executed.

Knowledge alone is not power. The Implementation of knowledge is power

– Garrison Wynn.

You may have no idea what and how to implement any learning practically. Just execute whatever you have learned. If not fruitful results, you will get an experience. This experience will further boost your understanding and broadens the mindset, and someday, you will be able to generate desired results. s

9)Invest in tools and content:

If you want to learn something, make sure you explore that skill or course to the core. Don’t be afraid of investing in tools and content online. Take it as a process. This is an investment, not an expense so allocate your resources in the right manner. You may never think twice before buying an iPhone, but you may use all the permutations and combinations while evaluating an investment in course learning and paid tools. More understanding will give you the benefit of the compounding effect in the long run.

10) Dive Deeper if you find something interesting:

Be it any sector, there is so much potential and unexplored opportunities. Advanced Learning, Implementation, and skill development may help you uncover the undiscovered golden opportunity in that sector, which may benefit upcoming generations. This is how we evolve and contribute constructively towards development and progress. Commit yourself fully upfront if you want to become a master in that skill.

Bonus Tips

1)Monetize the skill.

If you learn something new at the end of the day, you may get rewarded for the same. There are a number of people who may learn the skill but never implement it in the first place. As a result, it is not feasible to monetize that skill. Skill monetization will help create a pool of jobs and motivate them to work even harder and smarter.

This will also motivate the newbies who want to excel in these skills.

The new era will feature start-ups, businesses, and jobs that boost the overall economic development and bridge the gap between job seekers and their desired skills. This eventually will lead to personal and professional growth in a constructive way.

2)Be a Job Creator instead of a job seeker

Our education system has to adapt to new technologies and invest in learning progressively instead of the traditional textbook approach. Industries and educational institutions need to join hands to give students the desired exposure to learnings. It may include industry visits, Internships, Corporate training, webinars and give them real-life situation work. Let them think freely and use their mind. There has to be a support network to encourage start-ups, skill development, industry training, and Everything possible must be prioritized to enhance the learning experience.

Take action
Take action


A mind with new experience and learning will never go back to its old dimensions.

Stay curious and always try to give out the best shot in any situation. The mindset also defines our approach to learning. Never limit yourselves and try to go beyond what you have learned.

As per an estimate, skill-based freelance work will cater to a vast need 5 years down the line. Do not miss out on the opportunity of learning. Make yourself future-ready with new skills.

Start taking action instead of only planning. Start today. There is no tomorrow.

Stop waiting and start working. Opportunities can be created. This is up to you how you can leverage the same in your courtyard.

Plan your course strategy today
Plan your course strategy today

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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