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CourseXplore Mission: 25 ways to develop winning mindset

Written by Shubham

March 2, 2021

Hey there.

You must have gone through my other blogs related to skill development, course reviews, Skills to look for, and many more.

But I have never given a detailed background about this blog, What’s the mission behind it, and How I wish to bring a change in the millennial generation mindset.

I’ll also be sharing some key learnings and experiences that I have learned in my life so far, so please give it a read till the end.



My name is Shubham Arora, and I am a 22-year-old born and brought up in Delhi.

To begin my story,  I was an introvert when I came out of school. Everything was fine, but I knew something was missing. It was at this juncture of life when I got the golden opportunity of pursuing BBA from Amity University. I was very excited at this moment and decided to bring out the ‘real me’ by bringing a 360-degree change in my personality. I soon found I was a different person, a friend of all, a dependable resource for professors, a resourceful person for friends.

Something that my father had taught me that one sometimes has to make bold decisions to grow. One has to come out of one’s shell to become strong enough to face the world.

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Life begins only when the shell is broken.

Right after schooling, We come across a lot of changes in life personally and professionally. It seems as if we are reborn into a new world- A world full of opportunities, challenges, competition, Dynamism, and we get to experience a lot about life.

Every individual is in a rat race in this competitive world to make ends meet, make their dreams come true, learn, seek knowledge and experience, and whatnot.

We often get so lost that sometimes there seems to be no direction about what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, why we are doing this?

These teenage years tempt us to experience a whole new world where there are no restrictions and live life the way we have always desired.

It’s altogether a process that we go through. We may have some brilliant learning experiences- good or bad doesn’t matter because we get to learn a lot through them, and that’s how we progress.

An overall holistic development depends upon the friend circle, the choices we make and are shaped by the aspirations, goals, and other factors. Every individual is special and unique and may have different objectives and goals in life.

These 7-8 years of foundation can either take you a long way or give you hard life lessons. Eventually, It is up to us how we perceive and capitalize on them in the right way.

Why I came up with this platform??

Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself

During these 3 years, I have realized that every individual has a lot of potentials to excel in almost anything in life. It may be academics, sports, personal and professional growth, etc.

We humans often tend to bound ourselves and convince our minds that we will never be able to achieve certain things in life. It can be fitness, time management, Career aspirations, etc., and may give many excuses about what didn’t go in our favor, Why we are not meant for this.

Most people reject themselves even before others do.

This mindset often leads to frustration, anxiety and may limit the growth potential of an individual. This stagnancy as a whole will not lead us anywhere.

All that we need to get over this broken mindset  is self-belief, implementation, Initiative, and consistency,

Through this blog, I want to empower people in their early 20s and 20s to step out of their comfort zone and explore their undiscovered potential. Human minds are way more powerful than anything we can imagine.

A winner mindset will always get over shallow thinking and beliefs.

I want to use this blog to enhance the overall personality of my readers. I do not consider myself an expert since I am in the learning phase of my life, but I want to share my journey with others.

I will be covering a number of things which we teenagers may get to experience in our college and professional life, such as In-depth skill-based course reviews, training, job opportunities, featured leading entrepreneurs, internship experience, personality development, and how to get over the limiting beliefs.

I don’t want this blog to be limited to course reviews only.

I will cover the entire journey right from the research of skill-based courses, in-depth reviews, Who are the leading entrepreneurs in particular niches, how to learn and execute effectively, what are the opportunities in line, how to develop a winner mindset, how to plan the course in an effective manner and so on.

Courses and skills are a medium to what you can achieve in life. That will be covered in my other blogs in detail.

For now, Let’s discuss 25 ways on how to develop a winning mindset towards learning and implementation.

Winner Mindset

Winner Mindset

1)Start Today:

Everyone starts somewhere. There is no perfect time, to begin with, anything. Imperfect action will always be better than taking no action at all. There is no tomorrow. All that we have is the present time to count on. Utilizing the time effectively will generate multi-fold opportunities and learnings.


People often blame others for not achieving the desired results. Start taking responsibility for your actions instead of expecting from others.


An initiative to change and learning will take us a long way in life. Instead of waiting for others, Create more opportunities, start taking responsibilities and be accountable for the actions. Be a change and motivate the people surrounded by you in the same manner.


Momentum is essential. Efforts daily give compounded results. Each day matters. Stay consistent in terms of time, steps, and actions, and stop procrastinating. Plan, execute, and achieve results as soon as possible.

5)Value your time:

Time is the greatest asset one can have. It’s priceless. Time once gone will never come back. So It is crucial to give the most significant value to time. This asset, if utilized effectively, will lead to quality results.

6)Maintain a diary: Make a to-do and done list.

It is essential to plan your day in advance and maintain a diary that includes what all needs to be done, at what time, and how. This will help you keep track of your goals and time generating productive outcomes.

7)Research about courses and industries:

Stay updated with all the available courses, opportunities in different sectors, leading entrepreneurs, and keep learning progressively. This will help to make a sound decision and may also help to develop a vision in life. Get active on platforms such as LinkedIn, Join Facebook groups, and network with like-minded people. Active community learning will help to drive the efforts constructively.

8) Be surrounded by positive people:

The people you surround yourselves with directly influence your overall personality. Having a positive circle will motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and have a positive, long-lasting impact on your lives. Your thinking and approach will also evolve accordingly.


Only Reading course reviews won’t make you successful. The action, commitment, and drive to learning and other direct and indirect factors influence how we grow ourselves in life personally and professionally. Just enrolling in a particular course or making a promise won’t make you achieve desired results. Constant efforts, learning, and commitment will create productive results in the long run.

10)Focus on the solution rather than the problem:

Instead of focusing on the issue, focus on the solution. The solution-oriented approach will broaden the mindset and helps to develop critical reasoning. Focusing on the solution will take you away from the problem itself, giving more clarity on the situation and getting a clear picture of how to go about it.

11)Always over-deliver:

Deliver more than what you have promised. This habit will help you stand out from others. Fulfilling the basic guidelines Is mandatory, but you will surely get the deserved appreciation and return in the long run if you over-deliver. It can be monetary, content-based, training, E-books or may vary in the different sectors.

12)No excuses

We, humans, tend to give a number of reasons for not fulfilling our commitments. We must be accountable for the actions that we take, taking responsibilities for the tasks not fulfilled, or what is the reasoning behind the same. Excuses do not work in the practical world and hence, do not generate results. Keep learning and progress the journey in a positive direction. Great plans require the greatest level of executions. Make sure that no excuses shall ever defeat them.

13)Learn from mistakes:

There is no right or wrong when it comes to action. It is just the desired result that may or may not go in our favor. There is nothing called perfect. Everyone goes through a number of things personally and professionally. We may excel or fail, but it is essential to stay motivated and lead the journey constructively.  Learn from your mistakes and figure out how to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently.


Physical and mental health have a lasting impact on our life. It includes several things such as diet, exercise schedule, daily lifestyle, meditation, etc., and It has a direct relation with the way we work in our daily lives. Sweat out in the gym or jog in the park. Take some time out for your fitness to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will feel refreshed and energetic, thereby increasing productivity.

15) Balanced routine:

Balanced routine includes work-life balance. As it is essential to give time to learning and work, it is also crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spending time with family members. This helps to fulfill the social needs of an individual. Every aspect of life inter-related to each other, and balancing out the same will lead to practical results.

16)Invest in yourself:

Focus on value. If you believe that a particular opportunity, course, or skill will bring considerable value, do not hesitate to take the desired action. People often have a limiting belief when it comes to Investment in content, ideas, training, webinars. They may not think twice before spending a hefty amount on materialistic possessions. Learnings are something which will be there forever In your life, and It will help to progress in the future, thereby creating more opportunities.

17)Stop comparing:

Stop comparing yourselves with others. There will always be someone better than you. The only competition you have is only YOU. Make sure to become a better version of yourself. That’s how we as a society can move forward in life. Do not compare your 1st chapter with someone’s chapter 20. Don’t care how they will react or think about you. Do everything possible that you are hesitating to do just because of others.

18)Stop listening to people who put you down:

There will always be people in your friend circle, family relatives, and competitors who will try to make you believe that you are not meant for this, or you will not be able to do anything if you go in a specific direction and so on. Criticizing an individual or helping him/her identifying mistakes is fine, but it is not ok to degrade someone. Words are indeed powerful. They can either make or break a person, so make sure you use them wisely.

19) Your past will not determine your future:

Whatever is done is done. All you have is the present. If you make the decisions and good choices today, this will indeed generate positive outcomes. Everyone starts somewhere, and there is no specified age or time to start. Your past will not determine your future, but your today surely will.

20)Never give up:

There will be situations where you feel like nothing can be done, or there is no way forward. Everyone has to carve their own journey in life. Having a positive winning mindset will help you find new opportunities in life, and a shallow perspective will limit your belief. Always stay motivated and stop not till the goal is achieved.


Self Introspection means taking out time for yourself. What an individual wants to do in life and what really he or she is passionate about.

Please take it as a process and whenever you feel ready, take the driving wheel of your life.

22)Let go of fears:

Get over the fear of failing, losing money, and stop worrying about what will happen if you make a decision. Be patient and put in the required efforts.


Another trait that plays a crucial role in everyone’s lives. You may be putting a lot of effort constructively in a consistent manner for so long, but there may be possibilities that you are not getting the required output. At times, you will feel what you are doing, Should I continue, and other thoughts which may hamper you from continuing in that direction. All that is needed is patience and self-belief.

24)Find an inspiration:

Always have a motive behind doing anything. It may be earning money, owning expensive cars, giving comfortable life to yourself or your parents, and financial freedom, etc., the motive behind your actions, if strong enough, will push you to put in more effort. This drive will eventually help you to the desired outcomes.

25)Whatever it takes:

At the end of today, All the efforts, dreams, aspirations, growth, learning, knowledge. You are doing all this for yourself only. Stop talking to people and take action. No half measures, If you have committed yourself thoroughly, then there is no looking back. Stay absolutely dedicated to your goal.

Take action: Start now

Take action: Start now

Check out my blog on courses to look for in 2021:

Final Thoughts

The ways as mentioned above will definitely bring a change in your life if followed whole-heartedly.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

The way this world has evolved over two decades is splendid. In terms of technology, resources, learning, etc., this dynamic environment requires you to be upskilled as there is no certainty about future happenings. It is crucial to stay updated and learn throughout life. Instead of waiting for opportunities, create them. Dive deeper into the river to explore the profound aspects which even may not have been discovered yet.

Personally, I never thought that someday I’ll be writing a blog as the writing part always seem overwhelming to me, and this is something which I never took an active part in. This decade is all about getting out of the limiting beliefs and exploring the inner self to the fullest.

There are so many opportunities, courses, internships, businesses, books to explore that there is no thinking of holding back at all. Prepare yourself for a better tomorrow so that you will be able to cope with the dynamic environment in the long run.

One life: Make it a Memorable one. Make your own way!

One life: Make it a Memorable one. Make your own way!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay tuned!

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