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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Skill based courses: New opportunity
Skill based courses: New opportunity

I believe investment in skill based courses is something that is somewhere down the line believed to be an expense rather than an investment. Talking about my personal experience. I have observed that people, especially the young generation, love to invest in expensive clothes, shoes and bear interest in materialistic things but when it comes to investment in content, ideas, and skill based courses, which can potentially help them to generate a passive income for themselves and, more importantly, help them grow personally and professionally, they term it as expensive and stay cocooned in their world.

I believe in the philosophy that we have to dive into the river with safety to ascertain the depth and not rely on premature assumptions or conventional beliefs. We may not have any idea as to how far it can take a person in life. Through my digital career, I want to break this myth and help students, newbies, and professionals to bring out their hidden potential, excel in their lives, and promote the same for future generations.

To lay the foundation for the same, I have decided to come up with an idea blog in which I will review Skill based courses- Short term and long term in order to provide an idea to students and professionals as to how to proceed for the same and what are some of the reliable platforms and courses to work with.  This will bridge the gap between trainers and students, which ultimately will benefit the community as a whole.

Foundation for skill development
Foundation for skill development

Now you must be wondering why do we need to invest in skill based courses and upgrade ourselves?

1.Nothing in life is permanent:

​There is no certainty if a plan may work or not. Most probably, things may seem to be going in the right direction, and as per your plan, but life may take you to a different path completely unknown. So it is very important to prepare ourselves from all perspectives to be able to maneuver in this cut-throat competitive world.

2.Time lost will never come back:

It is crucial to appreciate the present time and live it to the fullest. That does not mean we have to stop working and only enjoy ourselves. What I mean is that instead of complaining about uncontrollable factors, We should constructively channelize the time and energy in the right direction by taking action and utilizing it to the best.

3.Action speaks louder than words: ​

What I have learned is that people want results and not words. We, humans, tend to give excuses if we fail to get to the desired results. We may blame XYZ for our incompetence but in the end, what I have learned is that excuses are concocted and may limit the potential of an individual. The solution to this is to accept and analyze the reasons for not meeting the same and get back to Work with strong intent. That is when a person grows personally and professionally.

4. Covid Times:

No one in the world ever thought that life might become standstill – Be it in any sector such as airlines, corporate, and so on. Millions of people lost their jobs across the globe, and Big corporates are going into losses, leading to employees’ layover.

Those who developed side based skills such as training and mentoring, consultations, Service-based freelance services were able to generate adequate revenue to make ends meet with the help of the Internet and technology. Post covid, Work from home culture also came into play and many businesses altered their model based on these times and, most importantly, required modern skills in order to adapt well to the ecosystem.  This is how Skill based courses have transformed the way we humans work.

Final Thoughts

Integrated skill set
Integrated skill set

Based on the above discussion, I believe that Skill based courses will cater to a vast demand in the competitive business environment 5 or 10 years down the line. To take the most out of it, we must invest in content and courses to seek the right knowledge and implement the same at the right place and at the right time. To contribute for the same, I will be writing detailed review of all the courses and where to look for them along with all the possible links.

So what do you think?

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